Post 31 Jul 2013, 11:33

Press Release: DR suspended its development on the new IG

Digital Reality continues to operate but suspended its development on the new Imperium Galactica.

BUDAPEST, HUNGARY – July 30, 2013 – Digital Reality (DR), Hungary’s best known and oldest video game developer suspended its work on the new Imperium Galactica project, which originally began last February. The decision was made out of purely professional considerations and not due to financial reasons or liquidity, CEO András Peller explained. He highlighted one particular reason, that the development did not proceed in a way that it would have justified the continuation of the project.
DR only suspended the game’s development, however the firm remains in operation and the owners began discussions about its continuation. The developers involved with the project will most likely work in other areas within the Docler group.
Digital Reality is one of Hungary’s longstanding game developer studio. The firm’s first creation began in 1991 and was published with the title Reunion in ’94. Among its earliest works were the by now legendary Imperium Galactica series or Haegemonia, which were released in more than 60 countries and in several languages. DR’s greatest hit was Imperium Galactica 2, which was among the Top 10 bestselling games in the U.S. market and won the British Film and Academy Award (BAFTA) in the turn of the millennium.

Digital Reality is part of the Docler group