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Code of Conduct


Thank you for wanting to be part of our Imperium Galactica community. We believe that a community is a fun, free and safe place for people with the same passion to meet and create, converse and play together.

In order to achieve this, we have a Code of Conduct in place. These are not the forum rules, which can be found here, but a list of values that make interaction pleasant for all.

Please take a few minutes to read them through, any questions can be directed to an adminstrator.

I, the player, agree to...
... treat others like I want to be treated, respectfully and courteously.
... create a pleasant atmosphere that is welcoming to new members and visitors of the community
... understand that the game is in development and there is not always information readily available
... give concise and structured feedback
... remember that we are all human and make mistakes!

We, the forum staff, agree to..
... allow the freedom of speech as far as possible within the boundaries of the law, forum rules and CoC
... update and maintain the forum set up to the wishes of the community
... pass on information about the game as fast as possible
... put forward all the feedback on this forum and pursue the interest of the community in the company
... remember that we are all human and make mistakes!

Looking forward to talk to you,

Your forum staff
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