Post 22 Apr 2013, 11:11

My Ideas of the game

Yes IG and IG2 were very good games especailly IG2 and hopefully with that concept as I have read alot of fans enjoyed. If you were going to make a persistant universe for this game it would be galaxies and wormholes. Each player starts in a small Galaxy of 10 systems giving them a small tutorial letting them colonise livable between three and four plannets depending on race. As Technology progresses you may be able to mine or build outpost on This galaxy cannot be attack by players what so ever so you can not be wiped out.

The end tutorial you must fight against a Hostile AI Alien (AI Race only) similar only to discover the wormhole. From there research allows you to build a space gate which allows stable passage through the wormhole into a a larger galaxy containing 1000 systems which can contain upto 100 players which can branch off to other galaxies within the universe. (Giving Imperium Galactica a chance to expand as more players join.

In this larger system pirates and the AI Alien will be present aswell as player alliances will form and confict will erupt. Certain Races can not be allies and may need the Imperium galactica telling them that thier races are in a state of war. Awards will be Prestige which can be spent ingame.

Idea the Solarians will have two factions the Normal prosperity bunch and the brother hood rebellion will be a major faction in the game. Similar with Kra'hen Empire and Antarian empire.

Restrictions for players should be travel through space at warp between systems and wormholes and fuel distance off ships.
I always been a strong believer if you good enough you should be able to have as many systems as you want but this can be restricted by the number of leaders (EG Political Leader head of your empire (player), then AI characters which you pay for or generate which can restrict player growth EG Administration leader, Military and Scientific.

Resources start off with three or four common resources in your home galaxy another 6 at ramdom in the outer Galaxies. One should be rare found on one or two plannets.

Resources come in three types
common E.G food, Energy)
Strategic (E.G. fuel for Warp engines)
Luxury (E.G. Gold Pressed Latimum)

Last thing as the game goes on you will get players and alliances dominating a galaxy. So there must be a way for a player to be able to change the destination to another galaxy in thier home system. To Start Fresh and or find a alliance that will help them.

Well not all will like this idea or agree and took onething from another game Imperion which gives you a small system that cannot be touched by other players. I only know bad english too.