Post 07 Apr 2013, 07:10

Planetary Buildings

I just thought that it would be an idea for everyone to list what they would love to see in the Stargazer in the form of what planet structures we could have. IG2 had a very good varity of structures that you could place on the planets surface, so what buildings do you think we should have if stargazer was to use a similar way to planet construction? I'll list the usual suspects and and a couple of my own.

Planet Capital Hub
Police Stations
Population Habitats
Entertainment Centers
Planet Security Buildings (equivalent to FBI or Swat)
Industrial Buildings
Business Buildings
Commercial HQ center
Disco Centers
Planetary Shield Generators
Planetary Defense Weapons
Military Barack s and Tank Construction yards
Planetside Atmosphere ship building
Research centers
Missile defense domes
Trading centers and trade HQs
Goverment Buildings like treasury and defence department
Defensive Walls
City Shield Generators (going by how the teaser trailer was, if planetary shield not available, then making each city able to have it owns shield generator to protect from bombardments from space)
Underground networks
Sewage and Utility buildings to control population happiness
Power Generators (of all kinds)
A Planet Self destruct building (gives the option to self destruct planet by overloading thermal powerplants placed at the planets core) last ditched effort to prevent loosing planet to enemy.
Education buildings