Post 07 Apr 2013, 06:53

The Space Stations Thread

One of the best features of Imperium Galactica II was the Space Stations. Please continue with making them have great, unique designs with massive amounts of customizations and upgradability because we all want to see these huge metal behemoths orbiting our homeworlds and sub planets protecting our citizens and Empires! There is so much gameplay to be had here that I feel so many games have a missed an opportunity here, with how you can make space stations interact with the game, dont just make them sit there and be just this Juggernaut with guns and does nothing else. You can really add some good gameplay mechanics here, and you've got an opportunity to create really re-define what these stations can achieve in an Space Strategy game. I'll list a couple of idea's I was thinking over.

1) Habitat Station Pod Addon

This gives you the ability to add more workers to give faster space station production time, so building other orbital structions build faster as well as giving faster space ship construction.

2) Marine Solder Expansion Slots

Gives the Space Station the ability to send out marine boarding parties to incomming enemy forces, giving the ability to turn off vital ship subsystems likes shields or engines, or detonate explosives on enemy ships.

3) Science Station Labs

Giving you the ability to research spacial tech at a faster rate.

4) Commander Module

Giving bonuses to all orbiting ships, higher accuracy, improved shield, faster responce time to engaging enemy ships, Capital ship building capabilities.

5) Additional Gun Turret Ports

Adding extra guns for station and planet defence systems

6) Additional Missile Silos

Adding extra Missiles and torpedos to planet and defence systems

7) Industrial Trading Buildings

Adds bonus's to inter-planetary trading with player owned planets

8) Buisness & treasury department

Increased planetary income and better protection against spy activities

9) Solo Shield Generator

Gives the ability to add multiple shield layers to the space station, so it doesn't just have 1 shield and once thats gone, its done for, with the max say being 3 single shield generators on top of the standard shield the space station has. Its the lynch pin of the planets, the center piece, and should be treated as such.

10) Different Hull Composite Upgrade

Increasing the structure integrity of the space station. Depending on which upgrades you choose to add, will increase the hull's resistance to that particular damage type, for example, upgrading the thermal paste hull composite, will increase its resistance to heat and beam weapons, you are able to upgrade 1 damage type several times if you wish but risking yourself exposion to other damage types, can only upgrade the hull composites a certain amount before you reach max integrity levels for the station.

11) Fleet Command Module

Giving fleet extra abilities while in orbit of the space station, extra damage output, extra HP to shielding depending on which fleet module you have chosen, can only fit one fleet module per station and there are several different types like, Shield Defence Fleet command Module (bonuses to ships shield), Jump Drive Fleet Command Module (bonuses to engines and movement), Targeting Systems Fleet Command Module (bonuses to damage output)

These are just some examples on how to one of most important structures a lot more valuable. Make them costly if one is lost !!! give them more gameplay depth, increasing the usage of how these things operate just gives more gameplay to everyone and makes actually building one of these things a sense of achievement, fun! and costly when lost!! What i've written here is like only half of my idea's on how we can make space station gameplay a reality and much more concentraited then any other game has done before. At least consider it anyway.