Post 02 Mar 2013, 20:53

IG: Stargazer Engine

Like to know what you guys think about this? from the video that's been release with it, as impressive that it was, it really doesn't look like an RTS game, but along the lines of X3:rebirth of Star Citien the way the person was controlling the ship and moving it around the planets surface. I hope this is not the case though and was just the demo showing what the game engine was capable of. One thing that really impressed me was the way you could change and terroform the planets to how you liked, dont know if this would available for us players, looked more like a developer tool rather then something we could all do for our planets or what not, but that looked so cool though. Maybe we'll get the ability to do that with our first homeworld planet, and not others that we control perhaps? I liked what I saw when it was being shown how they were building up the cities, that to me looked really intereseting, and looked pretty realistic as well, first impression though I dont think that will be anything we'll be doing in the game, as they were just using a painting tool basically to build up the holographic structures, but i liked how flying back down to the planets surface and looking at it all though... the tech is definitely going to be very good here...

Making the planets have the ability to create volcanos would be good, as well as weather effects.... One of the things I loved about IG2 was when you went down to the planets surface to manage the colonies, you saw snow falling, or rain, or volcanoes everywhere, can you just imagine what that kind of stuff would look like with todays technology? just look what is possible with this engine already and it was barely a tech demo is to early... being able to fly around, with all textures and lighting changing with the day/night cycles, which looked great on the geometry of the landscape on that 1 planet... just picture volcanos reupting all over the surface with meta showers, with your cities covered with a protective shield dome? can you scream AWESOME!!!! :D

if anyone else has thoughts about that video, or the tech behind it?