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How to: make a dxdiag


Sometimes our telepathic powers fail us and we need a little bit more information on your computer set up, to find why Stargazer won't work for you.
In these cases, we need something called a 'dxdiag' file.

This is a little tutorial for those who do not know what that is and how to make one.

What is a dxdiag file?

From the Wikipedia page :
DxDiag ("DirectX Diagnostics") is a diagnostics tool used to test DirectX functionality and troubleshoot video- or sound-related hardware problems. DirectX Diagnostic can save text files with the scan results. These files are often posted in tech forums or attached to support emails in order to give support personnel a better idea of the PC the requester is using.

It is basically a summary of your computer set up, along with your video settings.

How do I make this 'dxdiag' file?

Windows XP
1. Click Start then Run.
2. Type in dxdiag and press enter.
3. Click on Save All Information and save it to your preferred folder.

Windows 7 / Vista
1. Click Start and type Dxdiag in the search.
2. Click on dxdiag.exe.
3. Click on Save All Information and save it to your preferred folder.

Great! Now that I have my dxdiag, where do I send it to?
You can send the dxdiag to me via pm, alternatively we can provide you with an email to send it to, also via pm.

Sharing this file with us greatly helps usto understand any bugs that occur, and helps with finding the solution faster! Thats why we thank you in advance for making this file for us :)

Best regards,

Your development team
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