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I just found this page and checked out the demo after randomly deciding I missed IG2: Alliances and wanted to play it again.

You have no idea how happy I am to discover there will be a new game from you guys, this is so thrilling and exciting, I spent many many hours playing IG2:A and loved it dearly especially when playing with friends - although we didn't love so much having to set up games or reinstall it, being old and not so compatible with newer computers etc, but that's not the point- I just had to make an account and post to say that I tried out your tech-demo and I loved it, it was very interesting to see your ideas for the dynamic procedural world building, though the building painter was a bit unusual it is an interesting idea so I look forward to see what directions you are planning to take with this.

I am a university student studying to become a game developer myself so if there's anything I learned so far it is that this is a long and hard process and so I hope you guys at Digital Reality will be able to find plenty of great support (have you considered a Kickstarter Campaign?)

I have a question though about IG2, I also noticed it has had a re-release for iPad, is there anything similar for pc? I still have my original copy of the game but am wondering if there is any official place with a set op updates for it to make it run better on newer computers, and to make it easier to play online with friends?

Seriously thrilled though about Stargazer, I really can't wait for this to come out :D :D

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I too would like to know if there would ever be a re-release of IG2 with HD Res texture pack or something... I think it would be incredibly popular...
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Well guys, we are working on the new IG project at full steam.
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