Post 14 Jul 2013, 11:45

IG Soul and Possible MP types

It will be nice to play a 4x from FPS point of view and that would some how return or correlate to the roots of IG (in the first title players had to gain ranks if they wanted to control more then a sector recon spaceship), there are games that started to work in that direction like the X series (X3: Reunion for example) although those lack the planetfall phase that IG is suppose to deliver.

It will be nice to see Various Online Options(MP, Coop, Massive Online SP like in Spore).

I will not play an MMO since i distaste the dumbed down mentality that derives from the necessity to flatter to the ego of some casual players who lack the ability to postpone immediate gratifications, not to mention the Pay-To-Win model... I mean Free-to play, so'z for the lip-slip. ;)

My point of view:
IMPERIUM GALACTICA - A PC game series that delivers the feeling of a supreme Imperator of a Spacefaring Superpower. The name itself rings of the power trip that the title must deliver.

What sort of a power trip will a game designated as MMO can deliver to me as a player if there are over nine thousand other players having the same experiance with me there?! NONE!

Please don't murder IMPERIUM GALACTICA like happened with the Star-Control series and other good titles, I know what you're doing seems like a great idea however it's not.
Do it with out involving the IG francise in an MMO game type... Call it... Ishmael or in some other name afaic just don't decemate the title IMPERIUM GALACTICA since by invoking it you adress to a totaly different crowd than the type that might actually like your MMO.

It's a bad idea since that crowd will resent your action.

Yours truly, a child of the 80's.