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PostPosted: 09 Apr 2013, 12:32
by shadowrunner85
So i recently learned about Imperium Galactica is coming back, and I have to say I was really exited. but I have a few questions based on this being a 4xMMO :

- I understand this will be an MMO, does this mean that there will be no AI, and our competition will be other players and griefers?

- or will there be a possibility to play VS ai?

- how fare off IG2 is IGS in gameplay, what is new, and whats been dropped?

- is IGS match based (like a game take 1-10 hours), or a persistent universe (eve with empire control)

- - if persistent universe

- - how will balancing be done for not letting old big empires steamroll new players

- - will R&D tech tree just reach and end and then you are in endgame, or will you always keep perfecting technology in chosen areas?

- - - will new players be in the stone age, or will they be on a average tech level as surrounding players.

- - what happens when you are done for the day an log off?

- this wont be like those free to play mmo web browser games with beater graphics?

Re: gameplay

PostPosted: 10 Apr 2013, 21:24
by eccy
Hi! And welcome ;)

We don't have any definite gamedesign features we can release as of yet, but as soon as we have something it will be announced.