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Imperium Galactica Q&A

Dear players,

We have had some great feedback and lots of questions on the forum and facebook about the game. Today, we want to lift the tip of the veil and reveal a little bit of what we are planning for the future.

Please note that these answers are the defacto situation right now, which means some things can change, but some things will remain the same ;)

As always, we are thankful for your feedback and hope to read more!

1) Lets cut to the chase with the million dollar question. Will it be a 4X game?

Traditionally speaking, no. What we hope to achieve is an evolution of the 4X genre, evolving each „X“ seperately to add new gameplay experiences. It will differ from the original 4X IG gameplay, mixing the charm of 4X with new and exiting ways for players to play the game. Ofcourse the feedback from the players is invaluable to us, and especially in the conceptualisation phase of the game we would like to hear as many ideas as possible on how you think we can achieve this.

2) How and when will the game be released?

We want to move away from the industry standard of releasing a core gameplay and then adding on content. Instead, we want to release each installment of the game after each other, which each installment adding an extra layer of gameplay, like layers of a cake. It doesn’t mean that each installment will contain one of the „X“ of the 4X genre, but we can say that the first installment will include the X „eXterminate“. The other „X’s“ will follow later.
This way, we can avoid developing the full game for years on end with the players waiting and waiting, and we can get feedback directly after we release each installment.
Furthermore it will be released as an online game, so we can adjust, tweak and patch on the fly.

3) So if this is an online game, will it be an MMO type game? Solo/multi player? What kind of monetization model will it have?

The only thing we can say for sure right now, is that it will be free to play (but not pay to win!) and an MMO. Because of the type of development and release we want to do, the genre of the game will change with every installment, so it’s not a persistent world MMO. We will make sure that no progress is lost ofcourse. As for solo play, some parts of the game will eventually be playable alone, but it is not our goal.

4) What exactly is Imperium Galactica: Stargazer? Is this how the new game will be played?

Stargazer is the engine we use to build the client. The interactive teaser is meant more as a demo to show what it’s capable of. The gameplay that is shown in the teaser is not the actual game, or exactly how the game will be. Besides, we will not develop the teaser further, except for a few bugfixes here and there, while we focus on developing the first installment of the actual game.

5) What platforms will the game support?

We will focuss on PC release initially, but eventually it will be available on other platforms.

6) How do the former IG games „fit“ in to this game? Will the races and storyline be continued?

The storyline will not be continued, but parts of the races and the IG lore will be presented. It will be a new, but familiar universe in some ways.

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